About Us

PillowHunters is owned by CMJ Media Group and operated by a team of passionate writers, web designers and search engine specialists who have a shared interest in home decor and the science behind sleep.

Our Goal

Our goal with PillowHunters is to:

  • Provide informational articles about pillows and sleeping habits
  • Test different types of pillows and objectively review them
  • Create top lists of the best pillows to use for different things

We strive to be the go-to place for anything pillow-related, be it a question you want answered or a tip on which pillow to buy for a specific purpose.

Quality Assurance

In order to provide users with the best possible experience, we put great effort to ensure a high level of quality.

All of our informational articles are thoroughly researched and whenever possible, based on scientific reports.

Our top lists of pillows to buy are based purely on user reviews on Amazon and similar sites. Of course, factors such as price, fabric, size and more are taken into consideration with every top list. However, if the pillow hasn’t received top reviews from users, we will never include it.

The product reviews we do ourselves, are 100% unbiased. Even though we do earn a commission from the purchases that users make by clicking links on our site (which is how we are able to run the site), our core value is to always provide you with the best experience, which means providing accurate information.

Meet the Team


Working mostly on the business side of the website, with some support for quality assurance, Mattias is the health freak of the team. He is all about the ways that different pillows and sleeping positions can have anti-aging and health-promoting effects.

Ultimately, he is looking for the pillow that will make him stay young and live forever.