5 Best Pillow Speakers in 2022 for Sleepers Who Love Background Noise

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Sleeping difficulty is a growing problem. Many people have difficulty falling asleep or waking up multiple times during the night. Sleep deprivation can have an impact on both your physical and emotional wellbeing. It can also induce headaches and memory problems.

A large number of people face at least one of these problems: incapability to concentrate during the day, regular migraines, restlessness, midday exhaustion, getting up very early, rousing up during the night, or taking hours to fall asleep.  

This is because they don’t get proper sleep during the night or can’t fall asleep in the first place. Now, the reason for their abnormal sleep pattern could be chronic sleep disorders or everyday stress.

In both cases, having a soothing environment can help you get a good night’s sleep. Music, on the other hand, may just be the solution you’ve been seeking to help you sleep better at night.

Ambient soundscapes help you relax at night. Soft, soothing music help to calm both the mind and the body. Soft background music when mixed in with the silent atmosphere can make the switch to the dream much smoother and help you get rid of Insomnia or any other sleep deprivation source. We are here with a perfect inexpensive permanent solution for those sleepless nights – pillow speakers. Listed below are the best pillow speakers you can buy online.

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1. Top Choice – Sangean PS-300 Pillow Lightweight Speaker With 6.5 Foot Cord



PillowHunters Choice

Speaker type2.25″ 16ohm Full-range Speaker
Model NamePS-300
Speaker Size2.25 Inches

Lightweight, compact, and portable the Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker can fit within or under your pillow. It features a 3.5mm jack and 6.5-foot wire that will reach your sockets or any music device easily.

Its compact style makes it an ideal pillow speaker for traveling. This pillow speaker comes with an in-built volume controller and an amplifier switch, which when turned on, can play music loudly so others can also hear it.

Users are pleased with this device’s acoustic quality, although its weak design may limit its durability. However, given the low price, it remains an excellent choice.

  • Excellent audio quality
  • Comes with built-in amplifier
  • Budget & Travel-friendly
  • Poor built quality
  • Frequent issues with volume button
  • Amplifier rapidly depletes the battery

Miguel Marcos, a UK citizen, bought this pillow speaker after his colleague recommended it. He was so delighted with the product’s flexibility that he bought another one. David Niemi from Canada found the amplifier volume system helpful and is satisfied with this purchase. He’s also on his way to buy another one. Another Canadian citizen and a verified customer, C.M loved its design and in-cord volume control.

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 2. Ultra-Slim In-Ear Stereo Pillow Speakers



Best price

Connector type3.5mm Jack

The reason these are called Ultra-Slim is that the thickness of the speakers is only 1/8″ or roughly 3mm. The pillow comes with an extremely durable woven cord and a 3.5mm jack cord that can be used to plug into any audio device. It will not bend, distort, or break over regular use.

Compatible with all of your favorite gadgets, these affordable pillow speakers are really comfortable to put your head on and have good audio quality considering their size.

They come in good packaging. The earpieces are held in place by a small foam piece, and the entire package arrived in silver occlusive electronics bags.

  • Ultra-slim in-ear stereo
  • Sturdy weaved cord
  • Can plug into any device
  • Connectivity issues
  • Sound quality may decrease over time
  • Cord may impose some limitations

A soon-to-be-mommy from United States AmazonQueen, uses these as baby headphones and loves its sound quality. Another verified user from the United States found these super comfortable and suggested a replaceable aux cable.

Yet another customer Baso from the United States found these inexpensive and soft, after giving up on their old built-in pillow speakers. D Grant, a Canadian citizen says these pillow speakers exceeded his expectations. However, some users recommended changes in the cord quality.

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3. Sound Oasis SP-101 Noise Control Pillow Speakers With In-Live Audio System



BrandSound Oasis
Connector type3.5mm Jack

The Sound Oasis SP-101 Bluetooth pillow speakers include two small stereo speakers that are meant to slip under your pillow. A six-foot audio wire linked to the speakers is equipped with an in-line volume button.

The Sound Oasis connects to any gadget that has a standard 3.5mm socket, making it suitable for use with cell phones, music players, iPhone, and other Bluetooth and audio players.

The overall volume on this sleepy therapy pillow speaker might not be loud enough based on your audio input, but it appears to do the work for most customers.

  • In-line volume control system
  • No batteries are required
  • Has dual speakers that provide stereo sound
  • Occasional problems with malfunctioning speakers
  • The loudness of the speakers may be insufficient
  • Some consumers have wiring concerns

Elizabeth Pierson, a verified reviewer from the U.S.A found these worth her money and recommended to her friends & family. Another United states user found Sound Oasis SP-101 loud and clear.

Another user from the United States claimed they’ve been using it every night for 2 years without any problems. Johnny Cyprus an Insomniac from the United Kingdom said, he can now sleep peacefully without disturbing his partner.

Kee from the United Kingdom said these are helpful for her tinnitus and work really well but can’t be used for playing loud music.

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4. C. Crane Co SSV Washable SoftSpeaker-2 Pillow Speaker with Volume Changing System



PillowHunters Choice

BrandC. Crane

The SoftSpeaker-2 Volume Control Pillow Speaker by C. Crane Co is a tiny speaker with cushioned foam and a soft, circular cover.

The SoftSpeaker-2, much like Sangean PS-300, comes with a 6.5-foot wire with a 3.5mm socket for connecting to several audio devices. You can modify audio without radically altering the level on your electronic device due to a volume control button embedded into the cable. This gadget does not use batteries. 

The Softspeaker-2 was created with long-term use in mind. For instance, the outer cover is detachable and washable for improved sanitation and durability. Also, the cable is dust and body-oil resistant.

  • A detachable and washable cover is included
  • No batteries are required
  • Sturdy with strong built quality
  • Pillow materials may hold heat
  • The sound quality may be poor or insufficiently loud
  • Some constraints may be imposed by the cord

    R. McLain from the United States, found these a high-quality product and suggested some changes about cord’s length.

    Another user from the United States Alan Holm said these are better than the competition as he had changed 2 different brands in the last 9 months and found the volume unit quite handy.

    According to him, this Crane model can be perfect if they work on the quality of wiring. Jim C from the United States said it is the best pillow speaker he has found after years of research.

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    5. FM15 Under-Bed Speaker With Crystal Clear Audio




    The PillowSonic FM15 Under-pillow speaker has two side-by-side, thin micro-speakers wrapped in a smooth, slip-resistant acoustical foam layer that stops it from slipping out from beneath your pillow.

    The foam is detachable and washable, which helps to maintain it tidy and extends its life. It also has a rear pocket for storing a compact audio system and the attached audio wire.

    The PillowSonic cord is significantly shorter than previous variants at six feet, but it still has a volume control system and 3.5mm socket, which users can connect to most music devices.

    While the dual speakers provide a crisp, stereo sound intended to reverberate through cushions, they might not be powerful enough to penetrate dense cushions.

    • Comes with two speakers that provide stereo sound
    • Comes with an easily removable cover
    • There are no batteries required.
    • Infrequent problems with malfunctioning speakers
    • The speaker volume may be insufficient
    • Can be painful even when lying down

      Roger Hosey, a U.S. citizen, rated it 5/5 and recommended everyone to buy this after years of heavy research. Another user from the United States, Nancy claimed to love these speakers more than her previous ones. According to her, making the volume control more robust and positioning it closer to the speakers rather than the radio will help a lot for easy access.

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      What Is a Pillow Speaker?

      Pillow speakers are cushions with built-in speakers as well as small music speakers that can be placed inside or under a regular bed pillow. Such speakers allow you to listen to music at a reasonable volume close to your ears while sleeping. Pillow speakers are inexpensive and simple to operate, making them an excellent solution for anybody who needs ambient noise in the background while sleeping.

      What is a pillow speaker

      Why Do You Need Pillow Speakers?

      Sound therapy is a treatment that aims to favorably affect and mend shattered emotions while also resetting the body’s energy. Many pillow speakers can be customized with natural sounds to deliver sound therapy. If you have difficulties sleeping at night due to outside disturbances, or if soft music helps you fall asleep quickly, a pillow speaker is an optimal choice.

      How do I get Myself a Pillow Speaker?

      With so many options available on the internet, it’s natural for buyers to get overwhelmed while attempting to choose an ideal brand for shopping. There are just too many pillow speakers available in the market, including low-quality knock-offs.

      To assist you in finding products from the best brands, we analyzed and reviewed all the aspects that could be important to you and came up with the aforementioned list of 5 distinct choices.

      We also spent time evaluating a broad range of alternatives such as sturdiness, materials, styles, specialist ratings, and user reviews to determine the best performing pillow with speakers in 2022.

      Which Is the Best Pillow Speaker?

      The Sangean PS-300 Pillow Speaker is the best in the market. Due to its lightweight and handy structure, it can slip underneath your pillow. It tops this list with its 3.5mm jack and a 6.5-foot cord that can easily reach your outlets or any audio device. Its small size makes it an excellent pillow speaker for travel. This pillow speaker also has an in-built volume regulator and an amplifier switch which, when switched on, can blast music loudly enough for others to hear.

      How Does a Pillow Speaker Work?

      Pillow speakers are frequently bought by people having trouble sleeping at night. You can listen to the music without getting caught up in earplugs by plugging into any audio input, such as an iPod, mobile phone, or PC. They frequently operate independently of a power source, making them an excellent long-term investment.

      Do I Need a Charger?

      Pillow speakers usually come with a connecting cord that users can directly plug into sockets. Generally, a separate charger isn’t required. Some pillow speakers come with built-in timers as well. 

      Are Pillow Speakers Any Good?

      If you have problems sleeping at night due to outside disturbances, or if white noise or music might help you fall asleep quickly, a pillow speaker is an optimal choice. Pillow speakers are audio speakers that fit into a typical bed pillow and allow you to listen to relaxing music near to your ears while sleeping. 

      Does a Pillow Speaker Have Good Sound?

      Yes, the sound quality of a pillow speaker is adequate for you to play music at night. Make sure to look for speakers with an in-line volume controlling system so you can easily change the level and simply choose a volume that only you can hear. You can connect a pillow speaker to any audio set with a 3.5mm connection.

      Many pillow speakers provide bass-heavy music and some are so low that you can’t hear them through a regular pillow. However, it is quite challenging to find the one that is both clear and audible through the heaviest of cushions. 

      Where Can I Buy Pillow Speakers?

      There are a variety of pillow speakers available on various e-commerce sites at affordable prices. You can also check with online stores for buying pillow speakers. We have listed the best pillow stores online here.

      Can I Stream Music to My Pillow Speaker via Bluetooth?

      Pillow speakers are an excellent option since they allow you to stream music from one device to another through Bluetooth. Music streaming in bed can be as easy or as advanced as you want it to be. You may use your current systems to save money on the cost of setting up your wireless sound system. 

      How Do I Wash a Pillow Speaker?

      First, remove the cover from your pillow speaker to take it off. Now pour some warm water and use your regular detergent to clean it. You can either machine-wash or hand-wash the pillow cover.

      Which Company Makes the Best Pillow Speakers?

      Sangean and Sound Oasis are two top trustable brands to buy pillow speakers.

      Are Pillow Speakers Safe?

      Yes, pillow speakers are safe to use and often recommended by professionals. Pillow speakers are appropriate if you suffer from Tinnitus and want to have a safe and dependable treatment. In fact, Tinnitus Maskers, which are electronic assistive listening devices, are routinely utilized with these gadgets.

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