5 Best Thin Pillows You Can Buy Online in 2022

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Best thin Pillows to buy online

The best thin pillows provide optimal support for your head so you can sleep well and wake up refreshed. However, finding one can be challenging when everyone seems to be selling and asking for thicker, plumper pillows. An alternative can be pillows with removable layers that can be used to adjust the thickness to your liking. In this article, we’ve listed a variety of adjustable and purpose-built thin pillows to help you decide which one best supports your sleeping position.

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  1. Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow – Best Thin Pillow Overall
  2. Pancake Pillow – Best Thin Pillow with Removable Layers
  3. Blissbury Memory Foam Pillow – Best Ultra Thin Pillow
  4. Bluewave Bedding CarbonBlue Max Cool Pillow – Best Cooling Thin Pillow
  5. Perform Pillow Thin Profile Memory Foam Pillow – Best Supportive Thin Pillow

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1. Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow – Best Thin Pillow Overall



PillowHunters Choice

Fill MaterialCross-cut memory foam and microfiber
Size Queen20″ x 30″
Size King20″ x 36″
Weight56 oz
More info
  • Fully adjustable
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Washable white viscose-rayon cover (proprietary Lulltra fabric)
  • Breathable and soft
  • GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US certified
  • Performance-tested
  • Low VOC emission for indoor air quality
  • Made without using ozone depleters
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Easy to add and remove fill
  • Entire pillow machine-washable
  • Comes with a ½ lb bag of fill
  • 100-night sleep trial with free return assurance
  • Free loft customization by experts
  • Emits a strong smell of memory foam
  • Gets clumpy and hard over time
  • Not moisture-proof
  • Takes a long time to dry
  • Susceptible to mold growth
  • Expensive given the limited durability

As per the manufacturers, this is the best adjustable pillow in the world and we can’t help but agree. If you are someone with a princess-and-pea deal, this is going to be your go-to pillow no matter whether you’re a side, back or stomach sleeper.

Add or remove the memory foam fill to customize the thickness and strike the right balance between support and comfort. With the fabric material being 60% polyester and 40% viscose-rayon, the pillowcase is super soft and breathable.

On the flipside, Coop Home Goods original loft pillow isn’t one of the most durable. The fill material clumps up over time and becomes uneven. Moreover, you are likely to get a strong stench of chemicals, especially if you haven’t washed the pillow thoroughly.

Nevertheless, this is the best adjustable pillow overall, if you haven’t found a pillow of your desired thickness yet and desperately seek an alternative.

A reviewer on Amazon who goes by the name Friendship Fun says Coop Home Goods’ original loft pillow is a godsent. Another one, Miss Ellie calls is the most comfortable pillow ever. Gina S. from the United Kingdom calls it a lovely pillow made of soft shredded foam that molds to the head, neck, and shoulders. Russell from the United Kingdom found it to be not just comfortable but an allergy-reducer, too.

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2. Pancake Pillow – Best Thin Pillow with Removable Layers



Most Popular

Fill MaterialDown alternative microfiber
Size Queen18″ x 26″
Size King18″ x 34″
Weight96.96 oz
More info
  • 100% cotton pillowcase
  • Perfect for all sleeping positions
  • 6 layers for customized pillow height
  • Zippered outer case made of 300 premium thread count
  • Hypoallergenic
  • All layers of the same size
  • Individual layers are overly soft and fluffy
  • Not moisture-proof and quick-wicking
  • Gets heated up
  • Fill material becomes lumpy
  • Layers tend to slip
  • Not recommended for summers

The Pancake pillow might not look like the most exciting pillow out there. But, it comes with a stack of 6 removable layers (ergo its name) that let you customize the loft for your head. Each layer is roughly 1.5” thick, which lets you enjoy the goodness of an ultrathin pillow as well as a fluffier one.

The 100% cotton pillowcase offers breathability and softness. The down alternative microfiber fill comes with hypoallergenic properties and is perfect for all sleepers alike. The only downside of the Pancake pillow is the equal thickness and softness of all the layers.

The pillow would have topped our list if three of its layers were thin and firm, and the other three soft and fluffy. The evenness does not leave any room for adjusting the final thickness to perfection. P.DeMeo on Amazon has commented that unless you have a head like Jay Leno’s you can make 3 pillows out of the 6 layers.

Some users have also complained of the pillow getting heated up because of the fill material, which tells us it is not very quick-wicking.

Nevertheless, the Pancake pillow has gathered mostly positive reviews. For instance, Catherine Mary from the United States finds it absolutely wonderful. She found it after trying out multiple pillows that would let her sleep without neck pain and wake up fresh.

Another buyer, Tyler J Hill says he can’t recommend the pillow enough. He has always had challenges with pillows because of his broad shoulders, back neck, and side-sleeping habit. He swears by the Pancake pillow.

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3. Blissbury Memory Foam Pillow – Best Ultra Thin Pillow



Fill MaterialGel-infused memory foam
Size Standard26″ x 16″ x 2.6″
King34″ x 16″ x 2.5″
Weight41.76 oz
More info
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Washable double weave bamboo polyester cover
  • Suited for stomach and back sleepers
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Wicks easily
  • Soft and breathable
  • Moisture-proof
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Not for sleepers with cervical issues
  • Rubbery texture of the fill material
  • Smells of memory foam
  • Damage-prone

With Blissbury’s ultrathin memory foam pillow, prepare for a restful sleep every night. Purpose-designed for stomach and back sleepers, it helps align the neck and spine, cradles the head gently, and relaxes the shoulders.

This pillow can double up as a hip pillow and relieve pressure on the lower back as well. Overall, it eases breathing and prevents snoring. Its gel-infused memory foam fill comes with air holes that allow adequate cooling and ventilation.

The bamboo-textured pillowcase wicks away moisture so you never feel warm while sleeping. The Blissbury memory foam pillow comes in two sizes – Standard and King – to suit different head sizes.

Catina P. from the United States has rated the pillow 5 on 5 and called it a lifesaver. She had used it post her hernia surgery to keep her spine aligned while sleeping.

Jennifer B, who is a Vine Voice on Amazon, has rated it 4 on 5 after trying multiple pillows and making what she calls a ‘pillow graveyard’ in her bedroom. This thin pillow, according to her, is by far the best although she is a side sleeper. Another one, Scott S. calls is the best travel pillow. He says it is small, compact, and easy to carry. Another user who goes by the username Innovation Creator calls it a good option. This person was looking for a thin pillow that would lift his head without giving him a crick in the neck. This Blissbury pillow arrived as the perfect solution!

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4. Bluewave Bedding CarbonBlue Max Cool Pillow – Best Cooling Thin Pillow



Thickness2.25″ – 3.25″
Fill MaterialOpen cell gel-infused memory foam
Size Super Slim Max Cool 3.25″ Height
Size Ultra Slim Max Cool2.75″ Height
Size Hyper Slim Max Cool2.25″ Height
More info
  • 3 height options
  • CarbonBlue cooling coating
  • Washable TENCEL/Polyester mesh cover
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Ideal for stomach and back sleepers
  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • Regular pillow shape with contoured top and bottom
  • No harmful additives or ozone depleters
  • Too flat for some sleepers
  • Too firm for some sleepers

Bluewave Bedding uses its proprietary CarbonBlue Max Cool technology in this thin gel pillow to enable enhanced and instant cooling. CarbonBlue, the water-based phase-changing polymer is conducive to heightened thermal conductivity. It keeps the pillow breathable and lightweight.

The protective inner mesh cover is made of washable TENCEL/Polyester and absolutely washable. The open-cell memory foam fill contains cooling particles and ventilation holes that allow adequate air circulation.

Before you start using this pillow, make sure to place it in front of a fan for at least a day. This will bring down the temperature that rises during shipping and get rid of the new memory foam odor.

Although Bluewave Bedding’s CarbonBlue Max Cool pillows are great for stomach and back sleepers, they work amazingly well for side sleepers, too.

Frank from the United States confirms this in his review where he calls the pillows perfect for side sleepers as well as arm-under-head sleepers. He feels they are less bulkier than bamboo foam-filled pillows and better than flimsy pancake pillows. 

Cris from the United States calls the pillow truly ultraslim. He is picky about pillows and happily says that he can finally retire his old, flattened pillow and welcome this new pillow. Another buyer, Maggie says she has tried all the three Max Cool pillows. She has rated the product 5 on 5.

However, some users have found the pillow way too flat while others have complained it is too firm. Both of these could be potential cons.

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5. Perform Pillow Thin Profile Memory Foam Pillow – Best Supportive Thin Pillow



Thickness2.25″ – 3.5″
Fill MaterialVentilated memory foam
Size20″ x 15″ x 3.5″
More info
  • Chiropractor-approved
  • Thin profile design for smaller necks
  • Double contour pillow
  • Great for neck pain
  • Washable soft bamboo cover
  • Allergy-free material
  • Bamboo cover for natural deodorization
  • Ideal for back sleepers
  • Odorless
  • Not durable
  • Overpriced given the poor durability

This wedge-shaped pillow has been purpose-designed to offer ultimate support. If you don’t want to wake up with neck, shoulder, and back pain, ditch your regular pillow for the Perform Pillow thin profile memory foam supportive pillow.

Designed and tested by a chiropractor with more than 20 years of experience, it comes with a contoured shape made of special density foam. The pillow has been built to promote proper spine alignment for a good night’s sleep.

It also features a bamboo cover, which is breathable and acts as a natural deodorant. It is resistant to bacteria so you can sleep allergy-free. The high-quality foam fill retains its shape year after year and never clumps like shredded memory foam.

The pillow comes with two size contours – a thicker side of 3.5” and a thinner side of 2.25”. Although it is ideal for back sleepers, it works equally great for side sleepers who prefer sleeping on thin pillows.

RenLass from the United States has rated this pillow 5 on 5 on Amazon. He finds it comfy and supportive. Not only has it given him zero neck pain but also zero sore ear. A regular buyer of Tempur-pedic pillows, he believes this pillow by Perform Pillow is a great alternative.

Another user Debra Edwards says this pillow is exactly what her husband needed when he was diagnosed with cervical disc degeneration. She is impressed with the way he feels better day after day just by sleeping on it.

However, there are a few negative reviews, too. For instance, some users have complained about how the pillow isn’t durable. Its lifespan has been reported to be anywhere from 5 months to a year.

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Is it OK to Sleep on a Thin Pillow?

The type of sleeper you are will determine whether or not you’d like to sleep on a thin pillow. Side sleepers might find such pillows too thin and end up sleeping uncomfortably. Back and stomach sleepers, on the other hand, may enjoy them. Of course, there are other aspects, too. For instance, thin pillows have been found to prevent facial wrinkles and body pain.

Are Thin Pillows Good for the Neck?

A thin pillow is beneficial to the neck because it helps in aligning it correctly with the spine while you sleep. These pillows are firm enough to properly cradle the head but soft enough to prevent neck and shoulder pain.

Are Thin Pillows Better for Back Sleepers?

Thin pillows are better for back sleepers because they cradle the head and keep it from being pushed forward too far. A thin pillow placed between the knees and lower back helps most back sleepers relieve pressure on the lumbar spine.

Can Thin Pillows Prevent Snoring?

An optimal pillow loft is critical to prevent snoring. Pillows that are too thick push the head up, while pillows that are too thin cause it to droop. Either way, it constricts the airway and causes snoring. To avoid this, use pillows with removable layers that let you customize the height so the head and neck are correctly aligned without obstructing the airway.

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