5 Cheap Bath Pillows Under $25 to Buy Online

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Cheapest bath pillows to buy online

Looking for cheap bath pillows? You’ve come to the right place, as below we have listed the most affordable bath pillows to buy online, check them out:

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Luxurious Air Mesh Bath Pillow

Luxurious Air Mesh Bath Pillow


PillowHunters Choice

Brand:Bath Haven
Fabric Material:Air Mesh
Fill Material:Foam
Size:17” X 17” X 2.5”
Weight:17.6 Oz
Focus Area:Head, Neck, and Shoulders
  • Supports a large area of the body
  • Suction cups work well
  • Breathable air mesh
  • Very comfortable
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Difficult to clean

Bath Haven’s air mesh bath pillow is a fantastic choice for those looking for a large pillow to enhance their bathing experience. It has many great qualities despite being costing less than $25!

The pillow’s size allows it to be used on the head, neck, and shoulders for complete relaxation. Premium soft cushion can help with sore muscles and pressure points as it relieves tension from the area.

Bath pillows often tend to slip and slide during long baths causing anything from ruining a calm moment to potentially dangerous accidents. However, the six suction cups on the back of this product ensure it sticks well to any surface and doesn’t slip even when it’s humid. 

Quilted air technology of the air mesh allows the fabric to breathe, preventing the pillow from getting hot and soggy for as long as possible. The airflow also helps it to dry fast.

The structure of the pillow is designed strategically to support pressure points with additional padding on the focus areas. That helps the pillow conform to your body’s shape and lets you experience the comfort of a luxury spa from your bathtub.

Another great thing about Bath Haven’s pillow is that it comes with a nice storage bag that you can use to protect it from dust and dirt when you’re not using it. Plus, there’s a hook on the back of the pillow you can use for both storage and drying purposes.

An Amazon customer called Jordan thinks the suction is “wonderful” as unlike the other pillows he tried, this one never slips. He also says he finds it the most comfortable when he rests his back on it.

Another verified buyer says it’s really “nice and soft”, giving her more comfort than her previous pillows. She also says it helped with a condition on her neck that requires it to stay relaxed.

A buyer named Hannah also thinks the suction is great and she finds it very comfortable. She finds the hook useful for drying, although she also notes the bubble bath she used left a stain on the cushion.

Some people report that they find the pillow difficult to clean. Hallie, for example, says despite using a variety of cleaning products, she couldn’t get the pillow to look very white. Similarly, Rick Paulson says he struggled with cleaning too.

All in all, Bath Haven’s pillow is an excellent choice for those looking to get a large and soft pillow. Considering its great qualities and affordable price, we think it’s worth it to give it a try!

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White Foam Suction Bath Pillow

White Foam Suction Bath Pillow


PillowHunters Choice

Brand:Gorilla Grip
Fabric Material:
Fill Material:Padded Foam
Size:14.5” X 11” X 2”
Weight:2.24 Oz
Focus Area:Neck and Shoulders
  • Versatile design for straight and curved tubs
  • Waterproof foam
  • 2 panels for the neck and head
  • Different color choices
  • Suction doesn’t work well underwater

Gorilla Grip’s foam bath pillow is an affordable yet quality product for those looking to relax their head and neck.

The most unique aspect of the product is its versatile design. The two-panel bendable structure of the pillow allows it to easily fit all kinds of tubs. You can also set the incline to your liking for better support.

The pillow is made of quality and 2-inch-thick foam that provides excellent padding. Unlike mesh, foam is 100% waterproof, making it quicker to dry and easier to clean. Say goodbye to hours of drying time!

Two-panel design is recommended for people who are used to sturdy pillows since each panel is two inches thick. Wide paddings may help relieve sore muscles and help relaxation for some people.

There are seven suction cups on the back of the pillow, helping it stay in place on the tub. They work well on dry porcelain, however, there are mixed reviews on its efficiency underwater.

Gorilla Grip provides its customers with six color choices suitable for any bathroom. The color choices include beige, gray, navy, pink, blue, and white. Since the price is affordable, you can get your favorite colors and switch!

An Amazon buyer named Marika was initially unsure if the pillow would work in her bathtub. Upon trying, she says it works well and she’s comfortable. She also said it helps with her fibromyalgia.

Cassie Ashley, another customer, says it supports the upper back and the neck well and praises the pillow. She adds that it’s also easy to clean.

Some customers, like Pilar, report that the suction cups don’t work as well underwater and the pillow floats when the tub is filled. This seems to be a recurring issue, so keep it in mind before buying.

In conclusion, Gorilla Grip’s bath pillow has many strong suits like its versatile design and waterproof padding. Also considering its value for money, we strongly recommend you give it a try!

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Simple White Mesh Bath Pillow

Simple White Mesh Bath Pillow


Fabric Material:Mesh
Fill Material:Firm Foam
Size:11” X 7” X 2”
Weight:5.64 Oz
Focus Area:Head
  • Plastic coated firm foam
  • Compact design
  • Value for money
  • Difficult to apply suction

HANKEY’s mesh bath pillow is a great product if you’re looking for a simple and effective pillow for an affordable price. It’s the cheapest item on our list at the time of writing this article!

The pillow features a plastic-coated firm foam to ensure a relaxing experience. The foam is waterproof, meaning that the pillow will dry easily after each use preventing mold from building up.

It’s also a great choice for those who struggle with soreness and like to lay on sturdier surfaces. The foam has good reducibility while staying firm, so it may help with sore necks.

There are eight suction cups on the back of the pillow. Since it’s a small and simple product, the suction cups are small too. Just apply enough pressure and they should stick to your tub.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this pillow is its value for money. Being a relatively small and simple product, it’s incredibly affordable for those looking to get a pillow just for their necks!

A verified Amazon customer named Silvia Chavez praises the comfort of the pillow saying it works great for quick baths. She also notes the suction works well when you put your body weight on the pillow.

Another buyer called Heather O’Brien expresses that she initially expected a low-quality product because of its price, but then was surprised by the quality. She says it works just as well, if not better than the more expensive products on the market.

The user Ginger says they love the compact design and how it dries easily.

Some users like Kerri and Austin report that they had difficulty getting the suction cups to work properly. The problem seems to be the size of the cups: since they’re small, it’s hard to get them to stick. Some buyers like Silvia above suggest putting your body weight on the pillow to overcome this issue, so it looks like there are workarounds.

Overall, we think HARVEY’s bath pillow is worth trying. It may not be the best pillow in the world, but if you’re looking for a compact and value-for-money product, this may be your best bet.

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Back and Neck Bath Pillow with 3D Mesh

Back and Neck Bath Pillow with 3D Mesh


Fabric Material:3D Mesh
Fill Material:High-grade Foam
Size:14.84” X 13.23” X 3.9”
Weight:13.9 Oz
Focus Area:Neck and Back
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable foam filling
  • Easy to clean
  • Supports the neck and back well
  • Only four suction cups

The next bath pillow on our list is a very comfortable product designed to provide comfort to your neck and back.

One of the best qualities of the pillow is its 2-panel ergonomic design. The upper part is shaped like a cylinder to relax the neck muscles. The lower panel has a curved structure to support the back properly.

The pillow also features a soft and high-grade foam filling for you to sink your back in. Its ultra-soft material is excellent for those who love to feel the padding envelope their body shape. It’s also machine washable, so you’ll have no difficulty cleaning them after each use!

Another thing that makes this product stand out is its quality air mesh fabric. Unlike nylon or similar materials used in some products, the soft air mesh does not irritate the skin. Plus it’s highly breathable, meaning it will dry quickly after cleaning.

There are four suction cups on the back of the product, which is pretty much the only negative it has. Despite being powerful initially, only four cups may feel lacking due to the size of the pillow. Nevertheless, the suction works well if you apply your body weight when used.

An Amazon user with the alias MissAKA says that the pillow was so comfortable that her husband fell asleep in the tub! What a way to relax!

Another buyer named Cindy praised it for turning her bath into a relaxing experience. She even calls the head, neck, and shoulder support perfect.

Collette Damon, another verified buyer, expresses that she loves the ergonomic two-piece design as it allowed her to relax her neck and shoulders separately. She also adds it’s super easy to wipe off and clean!

Some users like Trina and Kathy report that the pillow keeps sliding on the tub. As we mentioned above, only four suction cups may not be enough to hold the pillow in place. Though other buyers mention your body weight is enough to keep it stable.

In conclusion, we think that this bath pillow from Basic Concepts is a great choice for those looking for a pillow that focuses on the neck and the back. It’s light, soft, and affordable; we hope it improves your bathing experience!

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Polyester Bath Pillow for Neck

Polyester Bath Pillow for Neck


Fabric Material:Mesh
Fill Material:Polyester
Size:10.83” X 7.09” X 3.15”
Weight:4.96 Oz
Focus Area:Neck
  • Mildew-resistant 3D mesh
  • Anti-microbial
  • Comfortable polyester fill
  • Compact and luxurious design
  • No known negatives

If you are looking for an affordable bath pillow to give firm support to your neck, Coastacloud’s bath pillow is the product for you.

It has a polyester filling perfect for those who enjoy a sturdier surface. There is excellent neck support to help your muscles relax. You may also relieve soreness in the area!

3D mesh wrapping the pillow resists mildew and mold for a long time. All you have to do is clean and dry it properly after each use, it’ll look brand new! The mesh also helps it dry quicker, allowing you to use it as much as you’d like.

Another great quality of the mesh is that it is anti-microbial. Provided that it’s cleaned and dried regularly, it is built to have minimal microbe buildup over time, keeping your baths hygienic.

The polyester filling of the product ensures that it stays light while providing spa-like comfort to your neck. The contoured design cradles your head and neck nicely as well.

Before moving on to the user reviews, we also have to talk about how compact and elegant this product is. Being a pillow mainly designed for neck and head use, its small size allows you to take it anywhere for your long trips and holidays!

Beca, an Amazon customer, says the pillow is exactly what she was hoping for given its comfort! She says she loves how sturdy it is and she had no problems with the suction too.

Another buyer named Christine says she uses it for back support and it works great. While this pillow is designed especially for neck and head support, it seems like its general comfort helps everywhere in the body!

An anonymous Amazon customer says they used the pillow for 18 months and it has never molded. They also add they love the value for money aspect of the pillow, highly recommending it to anyone considering buying it!

To sum up, Coastocloud’s simple yet quality bath pillow is a great pick if you want a compact and comfortable experience. We say give it a try and see if it works for you!

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What is a Bath Pillow Used for?

A bath pillow is used for relaxing your muscles and enhancing your overall experience during a bath.

Do Bath Pillows Get Moldy?

Bath pillows aren’t supposed to get moldy quickly provided they are thoroughly washed and dried after each use.

How Do You Dry a Bath Pillow?

If you’re not in a rush, you can air-dry it in a ventilated room. However, you can also use your hair dryer to blow warm air on the lowest setting to dry quickly.

Do Bath Bombs Stain Bath Pillows?

With most bath bombs, the stain they may leave on your pillow is easily cleanable with generic magic eraser products. Although some chemicals are difficult to clean, it depends on the type of bath bomb you use.

Which is the Cheapest Bath Pillow on Amazon?

At the time of writing this listicle, the cheapest bath pillow on Amazon is the simple white mesh bath pillow.

Full List of Cheap Bath Pillows Under $25
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