Review of Copper Infused Pillowcase by Alfredx

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Review of Copper Infused Pillowcase by Alfredx

I’ve been sleeping on the copper-infused pillowcase by Alfredx for 3 months at the time of writing this review. I’m happy with the quality and size of the case and it feels good to sleep on. However, I cannot tell if it has boosted my skin’s collagen production which is why I decided to buy it.

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Product Overview

Copper Infused Pillowcase


PillowHunters Choice

MaterialPolyester & Copper
Length27 inches
Width18 inches

Why I Bought the Copper Infused Pillowcase by Alfredx

Aging is my worst enemy and as we age, we lose two proteins that keep our skin young and firm; collagen and elastin. I’m highly interested in anything that can boost the production of these two proteins to slow down the process of aging. According to science, sleeping on a copper-infused pillowcase can. 

Before I bought the pillowcase, I did thorough research on the subject and found the following:

  • A 2016 study showing that sleeping on copper oxide-impregnated pillowcases reduces wrinkles and saggy skin [source].
  • A 2012 study showing that sleeping on copper oxide-containing pillowcases reduces wrinkle depth and overall improvement of skin appearance [source].
  • A review of clinical studies on the effect of copper oxide in textiles and the well-being of the skin; the conclusion being that it has wound-healing effects, can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and increase skin elasticity [source].

The 2012 study was carried out for 8 weeks and showed a 9% reduction per month in the appearance of crow’s feet compared to the placebo group. 

According to research, the copper-infused pillowcase has microscopic copper particles that release copper ions absorbed by the skin when the skin comes in contact with it. It is these copper ions that are said to have a positive effect on the skin. 

Here is yet another article on the role of copper and the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin that I took into consideration before making my purchase.  

On a side note, it is said that copper-infused pillowcases are supposed to reduce bacteria from forming in your bed as copper kills bacteria. I have not looked into this thoroughly though as it was not the main reason for my purchase.

More about copper pillow cases here

My Results

Knowing that the 2012 study showed a reduction of 9% in the appearance of crow’s feet per month, I wasn’t expecting to ever notice any changes in my skin from sleeping on the copper infused pillowcase. 

First of all, my skin is in pretty good condition as it is, only being 34 and using several other products that have shown to boost collagen production, such as a dermaroller

Secondly, a 9% reduction in wrinkles per month is not a lot. When you see yourself every day, it is impossible to notice such a difference. If I took before and after pictures, I might have seen some results but I haven’t bothered with this. 

I’m simply trusting the studies that have been carried out and will continue sleeping on the pillowcase regardless if I see any noticeable differences in my skin or not. By reading other Amazon reviews, I do, however, know that some people are reporting positive changes in their skin.  

My advice if you are going to use the pillowcase and really want to see noticeable results, make sure to take good before and after pictures and allow for several months to go by. 


I don’t think I’ve ever slept on a pillowcase that wasn’t comfortable to sleep on. However, the copper-infused one from Alfredx is definitely smoother than the soft cotton ones I’ve been using before. This one feels kind of like silk. A bit less friction than with cotton. It is really nice to sleep on and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. 


My pillowcases normally don’t deteriorate and neither has the copper-infused one I bought. While it’s only been three months since I bought it, there is no sign of damage. The material feels sturdy and I’m confident this will last me for years and years to come. 


Purchased at the beginning of June 2022, I paid $28 for the copper-infused pillowcase by Alfredx with an additional cost of $22 in shipping. While more expensive than a normal pillowcase, I would say this is a very small price to pay for health benefits that are scientifically proven. I would be willing to pay a lot more. Hence, I think this is super affordable.

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