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renpho massage cushion

I’ve been using the RENPHO massage cushion for about 10 months at the time of writing this review. I think it’s an affordable and durable pillow that is easy to use and effective in relaxing muscles. While it hasn’t healed me, I’m happy with the purchase and will buy the pillow again once it stops working.

Product Overview



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Materialbreathable mesh and PU leather
Weight1.2 kilos
Length30 cm
Width16 cm
Height 9 cm
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Why I Bought the RENPHO Massage Cushion


I’ve been doing weight training on a semi-serious level for 17 years and during that time, I have accumulated a ton of muscle knots in my back. This especially affects my left shoulder. The knots do not limit me in any way I know of, but they do cause a bit of discomfort, which I’ve come to terms to live with.

I bought the RENPHO Massage Cushion in hope to break up the muscle knots and alleviate the discomfort I’m feeling. My hopes weren’t very high though as I’ve been to massage therapists who’ve told me that I’m a serious case who needs to have the knots worked on forcefully for a longer period of time. 

My Results

The RENPHO Massage Cushion has not succeeded in breaking up any muscle knots as far as I know. I am, however, certain that its effect on stiff muscles is great as during and after my massage sessions I always feel more relaxed and have less discomfort. 

Sciatic nerve

The pillow has also been successful in alleviating pain and possibly helping me to heal from occasional issues I have with the sciatic nerve. This is the nerve that many people, including me, have a problem with in their pelvis as it gets pinched. The pain manifests in the lower back and goes down the leg. It can hurt like crazy and make life unbearable. 

While stretching has been the key to healing from a pinched sciatic nerve, I have successfully used the RENPHO Massage Cushion to relax the muscles in the pelvis to alleviate pain. This has been a great aid, especially when trying to sleep. 

Functionality and Ease of Use

The RENPHO Massage Cushion comes with three speed settings, a heating function and an elastic rubber band. 

The speed settings between low and high are quite similar so you won’t notice a huge difference between them. I personally only use one speed and reckon that either of them would do the job just as well.

The heating is neat and I’m sure it helps in order to relax muscles. However, it is very subtle. If you’ve ever used a heat cushion or blanket, this is nothing like it. Don’t expect too much out of the heat function. If you do, you will likely be disappointed.  

The elastic strap on the pillow is used to mount it on a chair. I find this user-friendly. However, the strap is quite short and not super elastic, so it doesn’t fit on my AKRacing Core Series EX chair which is where I spend most of my time. Thus, I actually haven’t used the strap at all. 

renpho massage pillow mounted to a chair

However, in my opinion, the strap is not needed. The pillow is compact and doesn’t weigh more than 1.2 kilos. It is easy to move around in order to massage any area of the body. I use it on my chair and in bed all the time with no problem. Not only to massage my back, but also my neck, legs and feet. Occasionally my chest too. I think it’s very easy to use. 

Additionally, I find the strength of the massage to be easily adjustable by the pressure you put on the pillow. The more you push back against it, the harder it’s going to massage. What’s especially great is that the massage balls don’t stop even if you push hard, which I’ve heard is an issue with some massage cushions. I can push really, really hard against it and the massage balls still keep spinning. 


I’ve had the RENPHO Massage Cushion for 10 months as of writing this review and it’s as good now as it was when I got it. I see no wear on it at all. 

While there have been times when I haven’t used the cushion for several weeks, there have also been periods when I have used it for several hours every day. I have a bad habit of overdoing things. 

The cushion automatically shuts off after 15 minutes to avoid being overheated. However, I have never experienced any sign of overheating even though I’ve used it for 1½ hours straight. 

As previously mentioned, it is possible to push really hard against the massage balls without them stopping. This to me is proof of the cushion being sturdy and of high quality. 

The cushion is made up of an electric device that does the massaging, which is then covered in breathable mesh and leather that makes up the pillow. Neither the leather or the mesh has been damaged in any way, which to me is a bit surprising as I’m the father of two cats. 

The cover can be removed in order to be cleaned if required. However, I have personally never removed it as I’ve had no reason to do so yet. 


I bought the RENPHO Massage Cushion in October 2021 at a price of $40 + $35 in shipping. Apart from the shipping that cost me nearly as much as the pillow, I think this is super affordable. The pillow is easy to use, durable and allows for a really strong massage to be had, as well as a lighter, relaxing one. I could not ask for more.  

How Does It Compare?

I’ve only used one other massage product in the past, which was the Snailax Shiatsu Massage Chair. While this was able to massage my entire back in a single session, this is the only upside it has over the RENPHO Massage Cushion. 

The massage chair costs four times as much and as far as I can remember, I find the sensation of the massage to be the same between the two. Compared to the cushion, the chair is much more cumbersome to use. I couldn’t bring it to bed, but it had to be used on a chair. 

If I could get any of them for free, I would pick the RENPHO Massage Cushion even though the price is way lower than the chair. 

Final Thoughts

I think the RENPHO Massage Cushion is a fantastic, all-purpose massage device. I have a hard time seeing what other devices can do that this can’t. Obviously, the massage products I have tested are limited so don’t just take my word for it. 

Having my muscle knots broken up would be optimal, but I honestly don’t think any massage device can do this in my case. If you have minor knots yourself, I think the pillow could help you. However, I do believe some issues can only be resolved by regularly going to a real massage therapist.

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