10 Questions About Emoji Pillows Answered

10 questions about emoji pillows

Emoji pillows offer a cheerful twist to an otherwise somber atmosphere within four walls. Today we are going to answer all your questions related to Emoji Pillows.

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What Are Emoji Pillows? 

Emoji pillows are special pillows made in the form of different emoticons. They come in various designs and shapes. Emoji pillows are a fantastic way to express oneself via the use of these quirky and entertaining emoticons.

Everyone who has used a modern-day instant messaging app has that one emoji that they frequently use. Emoji pillows provide a fun element to a grave space. They also make beautiful gifts for children.

The majority of emoji pillows match your smartphone’s emoji choices. Modifications to the classic emojis are also available on the market. 

When purchasing one, you should consider the size of an emoji pillow. The majority are roughly a foot in circumference, making them ideal for a child’s pillow or to be kept as a decorative piece.

When Did They Come Out?

Emojis grew widely popular globally in the early 21st century after being added to numerous mobile operating systems. 

They first appeared on Japanese cell devices in 1997. They are now a significant aspect of Western and global pop culture. Emoji is a Japanese word that refers to smiley faces and pictograms used in text communications. They are commonly used as moods, with a focus on facial expressions. 

Emojis have even made their way into popular art and e-commerce. Today, different sorts of amusing emojis that replicate human facial expressions can be found, which are then turned into merchandise such as pillows. 

There are over a thousand distinct varieties to pick from, with new ones being introduced daily.

What Are They Used For?

Emoji pillows are mainly used for home decorations as they add a fun element to the atmosphere. They are also comfortable to sleep on. 

They are pretty handy and, at the same time, inexpensive. Instead of your regular pillows in your living area, bedroom, or favorite place to hang out, you can use these.

Their ultra-softness allows you to escape the day’s tensions, relax, and unwind after a long day at work.

What Are the Different Types of Emojis on Pillows?

Smiley-face emojis are the most popular amongst children. 

Another popular emoji among teenagers and youngsters is the wink-faced and side-kiss emojis. Heart-eye emojis are the universal way to tell someone you’re excited. 

There are also emoji pillows with stickers and text prints. These come with pillows that can be placed wherever you desire. 

There are tons of pillow emojis available on the internet worldwide. They come in different types and sizes. Here are some of the top emoji pillows you can buy:

  • Smiley-face emoji
  • Heart-eyes emoji
  • Side-kiss emoji
  • Wink-faced emoji
  • Poo emoji
  • Crying emoji
  • Drool emoji
  • Purple devil emoji
  • Spooky emoji
  • Toast bread emoji
  • Monkey emoji

…and more!

What Are They Made Of?

The pillow emojis are usually made of high-quality polypropylene that is lint-resistant. 

Because the fabric and filling of some emoji pillows might not hold up in a washer, you’ll have to wash them to clean dirt and stains manually.

Some emoji pillows are constructed of soft polypropylene and come in various designs. 

They usually come in spherical shapes and have a diameter of about one foot. Other varieties are roughly the same size. Poo plush pillow is yet another type of emoji pillow that comes in the shape of the emoji itself. 

Some emoji pillows can be machine washed. However, use the air-dry option while drying them in the machine. 

Do Such Pillows Always Come With a Zipper?

Not every emoji pillow comes with a zipper. Some of them are stuffed and permanently sewn. 

Closing an emoji pillow with a zipper or any other way is essential to keep it safe and clean. There are numerous ways to close an emoji pillowcase, whether for bedding or decoration.

Other options to close and emoji pillows include flap closure, envelope closure, and buttons. 

Are Emoji Pillows Washable?

Yes. You can wash most emoji pillows as they become old or dirty. Here are some helpful washing instructions for emoji pillows that are washable.

1. Read the Washing Instructions 

While some pillows can be washed in water, others, especially those made of wool, suede, or leatherette, require special care. Professional dry cleaners are required for such pillows. 

Always look for instructional tags before throwing them into the washing machine. If no tags are found, you should conduct a spot test. 

Apply a small amount of cleaning solution to a small area of the pillow with a cotton ball and allow it to dry. You should not use a water cleanser if you notice color fading, bleeding, or water rings.

2.  Make Sure to Remove Stains

Remove any stain that you see with a DIY solution. To make a cleaning solution, mix detergent with hot water or add a few drops of white vinegar.

Allow drying after applying the solution to the stain. If the stain is oily, sprinkle starch on it and let it completely dry before vacuuming it up the following day. 

3. Select the Right Cleaning Detergent

You can use a detergent mixture, shampoo, water, and mild soap to clean the emoji pillow. This solution should be used in a circular motion. Make sure to clean the pillow’s crevices and piping. Just let the pillow dry after removing all the extra water. 

How to Clean an Emoji Pillow Without Washing?

Use a vacuum to clean pillows that cannot be wet-washed. The emoji pillow should be carefully cleaned with upholstery brushes and crevice tools. 

Use a modest amount of vinegar or warm water and light detergent to remove unwanted stains. Allow the pillow emoji to dry after blotting the stain until it disappears. If the stain is greasy, put corn starch on it and let it stay overnight before vacuuming it. 

Check out our article on how to wash a pillow for a better understanding. 

How Much Does an Emoji Pillow Cost?

Emoji pillows usually cost from $9 – $30. Here are some factors that decide the cost of an emoji pillow:

Material: High-quality Polypropylene as a pillow filler provides durability. The material also makes pillows washable without ruining them. However, soft polypropylene is challenging while wet-cleaning. 

Polyester and cotton are also used as pillow fillers. However, polypropylene is an ideal choice for pillow fillers since it dries faster than polyester. This material also holds heat better than polyester, making it better for cold weather. 

Size: Emoji pillows come in an array of sizes. They are available in large and moderate sizes, suited for most seats. The ideal head or lap pillow size is 32 CM x 32 CM x 10 CM. 

Design: Some emoji pillows come with a non-slip bottom and can be used on the floors of the living area, terrace seating, vehicles, and recliner seats. A few are equipped with a rope for your convenience.

Where to Buy the Best Emoji Pillows Online?

Since emoji pillows are so popular, they can be found anywhere on eCommerce sites. The best sites have been listed below. 

Best places to buy pillows online


We hope we have satisfactorily answered the top questions related to emoji pillows. After you’ve decided on the sort of pillow you want to purchase, check